Ultimate Choice in Porosity Sealing Solutions

Porosity is a phenomenon that occurs in castings and other materials as they change state from a liquid to a solid during the manufacturing process. Casting defects caused by porosity have the potential to cause huge quality problems as the part’s structure integrity is affected, creating a failure point. This will affect performance if the part is designed to hold gases or fluids.

We offer our expertise to make Ultraseal the ultimate solution to your porosity sealing challenges. Customers use Ultraseal because it offers the most consistently dependable sealing results due to our excellent quality, technology, and performance.
Vacuum Impregnation

Vacuum impregnation is commonly considered the best solution to sealing porosity in cast components. During the vacuum impregnation process, parts are subjected to a dry vacuum and the microscopic holes causing porosity are filled with a thermally and chemically resistant polymer to provide a permanent seal.
Ultraseal Solutions
Impregnation Services

We offer comprehensive high-quality and reliable impregnation service using best-in-class Ultraseal products. Put your trust in Ultraseal and reap the benefits of:

• Flexible service to meet all requirements from one-off items to regular production volumes
• Superior sealing processes that ensures components are leak-free while reducing scrap rates.
• Dedicated pre- and post-impregnation services
• Consistent quality and world-class performance to protect your brand reputation
• On-going program of investment and expansion to support customer needs

Speak to one of our consultants today, to customize your ideal solution for quality leak-free components
Impregnation Equipment

We also offer solutions to meet your business needs, should you decide to purchase the machines. Reach out to find out more about the vacuum impregnation equipment offered to give you the ultimate solution to your porosity sealing challenges.
Impregnation Chemicals

Ultraseal range of sealants is renowned for its consistent quality and superior performance characteristics – including thermal stability and chemical resistance. These world-class solutions are utilized by multinational companies in various applications, ranging from critical military and aerospace components to automotive engines. Reach out to our representatives to understand how these sealants can work for your business.