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Who we are
Rovski Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturing company specializing in sealants and adhesives, operating from our headquarters in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Our global presence extends beyond borders, with strategic partnerships in offices located in Indonesia. Our products are widely used in various industries including automotive, building and construction and industrial manufacturing.

Renowned for our consistent product quality and reliable services, Rovski has positioned itself as a prominent OEM manufacturer and supplier, contributing to excellence in the Southeast Asian market.

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Research and Development
At Rovski, we are unyielding in our pursuit of innovation that creates value for our customers. We work hand in hand with customers, taking into consideration their specific needs and standards to develop solutions that is tailored to their processes.
Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to offer support on every aspect of our product - in terms of materials application development, product testing, validation and optimization, construction, operations, and in-depth training. As part of our dedication towards excellence, we do provide on-site support to customers on any technical assistance required.
Rovski’s R&D is continuously testing and improving. We conduct comprehensive tests on materials used, different processing methodologies and fabrication of our products. From design, prototype, testing and validation in actual conditions, we ensure that our high standards are being met before approving for production.
Manufacturing Facilities
World- Class Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing process experts are constantly looking at keeping our processes up to date with the latest developments in the market. We have fostered a collaborative partnership with experts in countries such as Japan, USA, and India to be on the forefront of innovation.
These processes are steered by Rovski’s experienced production team. Through stringent training processes, our production team work effectively to deliver positive results without sacrificing quality or integrity. By investing in people and processes, Rovski is able to reliably provide high and quality materials for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM), as well as the aftermarket products.
Rovski machineries consist of :
Mixer (2 types)
4 Butterfly with 2500L capacity p/day
3 Planetary with more than 2000L capacity p/day

Kneader (3 types)
Extruder (2 types)
Twin Head
T-Die with 2 stamping machine

2 types for Sausage
2 types for Cartridge
Strategic Partners
At Rovski, we are proud of our longstanding partnerships. We believe that fostering strategic partnerships with key industrial specialists throughout the world will help us realize our vision of Advancement towards Global Excellence.

Through the years we have maintained and grown our relationship with business partners in Japan, China, India and some Europe countries to conceptualize and develop new ranges of products and processes.

These partnerships allow us to relentlessly focus on our customers’ needs by pursuing better solutions and building systems that multiply efficiency, and plan for long-term scale.

Adeka Asia Pte. Ltd.

Aisin Chemical Co. Ltd. Japan

Dow Automotive USA

Sunstar Engineering Inc. Japan

IIDA Industry Co. Ltd. Japan
Logthai-Orotex Co. Ltd.

Hylomar India, UK

H20 Gmbh. Germany

Fondarex SA. Switzerland

Drupps, Sweden

MK Industrievertretungen Gmbh, Germany

Ultraseal India Pvt. Ltd
Ultraseal International Ltd. UK

Eco-Techno Srl. Italy

Logthai-Orotex Co. Ltd.
Export Market