Why join Rovski?

Competitive Remuneration

We offer a total remuneration and benefits package that takes into account industry trends, measured alongside level of experience, knowledge and specialism required for the position.
Workplace flexibility

At Rovski, an important component of creating a thriving workplace is giving employees flexibility in terms of where and how work gets done. We offer options to our employees to tailor their work experiences, to get the job done most efficiently.
Performance Award

We believe that our employees deserve to be valued and appreciated for their contribution to the company. On top of a competitive salary, noteworthy performances will be rewarded through mid-year and year-end appraisal bonus. Employees showing exemplary achievements are also recognized through the Employee of the Month award.
Medical Coverage and Leave Benefits

We provide private medical insurance as well as panel clinic coverage to all employees at all roles. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of leave benefits to our employees including Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Compassionate Leave, Maternity & Paternity Leave, and Marriage Leave.
Learning and Development

We believe in developing and nurturing talent at Rovski. We foster an environment that helps you to grow and learn something new everyday. Following our commitment to learning and development, we will empower you will the skills you need to support your career ambitions.