Vision, Mission & Value

Our path towards the strategy of :


Advancement towards Global Excellence

Collaboration with overseas companies by providing a wide selection of products


Strives to become a global one stop solution provider by  :

1) Uncompromising quality products and services
2) Creative innovations and new technologies through research and development to maximize customer satisfaction

Reliable For years, Rovski are trusted and one of the largest sealant and adhesive manufacturer &  supplier in Malaysia.
Open Committed through every step of the development from item designing, testing and production.
Virtuous Our business value is based on achieving the best of personality, characteristic & strong ethical culture.
Sincere Maintaining a good relation among employees as well as having the same courtesy toward buildings rapport with customers.
Knowledge Leveraging our expertise and market knowledge to commercialize value- added products for our customers.
Innovative Innovative solutions to meet the needs of challenging market.