Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing process experts are constantly looking at inventive, resourceful products and processes.  For years we have been collaborating with our business partners such as Japan, Thailand, USA, and India to develop a new range of solid products.
In line with the productions facilities, we prep ourselves with a well-coordinated team that develops individual solutions based on experience and know-how with an overall view of manufacturer autonomous. However, based on the trust gained throughout the years, Rovski is persistent to provide high and quality materials for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM), as well as the aftermarket products.

We have the type of machineries consist of : Our machines consist of:

a) Mixer ; 2 types :

4 Butterfly with 2500L capacity p/day
3 Planetary with more than 2000L capacity p/day

b) Kneader ; 3 types :

1. Open
2. Pressure
3. Extruder

c) Extruder ; 2 types :

Twin Head
T-Die with
2 stamping machine

d) Packing :

2 types for Sausage
2 types for Cartridge